For more than 80 years, Evans Philp LLP has delivered quality general and specialized legal services to the insurance industry. We believe our history and reputation in insurance defence litigation speak for themselves. And, as part of our continuing commitment to excellence, the Insurance Practice Group remains cognizant of the need to adapt our practice to the ever-changing demands of modern day insurance litigation.

In the last 15 years, our Insurance Practice Group has evolved and significantly expanded to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex Insurance Industry. Not only does our Group provide exemplary and innovative legal representation to our valued insurance clients, we are also ardently dedicated to maintaining a current and expansive knowledge of developments in the industry.

We are wholly committed to moving the law forward and, in doing so, to aggressively advocate the interests of our insurance clients in both the legal and legislative forums. We are equally dedicated to providing up to date information to the insurance companies we represent, so that we can be a crucial component in our clients’ delivery of first class insurance products.

In an era of the law that requires increasing specialization, we offer Insurance Defence services through two distinct teams of legal professionals.

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